I've bought the book - 'what book?'- & am going well, finished chapter 2 with all coming out as it should. MySQL, PHP & Apache seemingly all set up.
However, I can't seem to set up a password, as on page 21:

mysqladmin -u root password "your new password"

I'm not prompted for a command when I use MySQL. The book says I should set one.

Where should I be putting this command? I've been trying out commands in the C:/Mysql/bin/Mysql - the programme there for the chapter 2 stuff. If I'm supposed to put this command there, it isn't working.

Another thing, when I test the php pages in my browser, they work when I'm connected to the internet but not offline. Is there a way of testing without being connected.

I'm totally new to programming - any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.