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    Question Windows Mail - Spam Filters

    Hi and thanks in advance to all you gurus!

    My problem is as follows:

    I use Windows Mail for a few of my email a/cs and well ever since I can remember i've always had problems with spam on multiple a/cs - I do have junk filters in place and all the unwanted email goes straight to these folders - what i'm looking for is something where i can prevent spam from getting to me at all, or indeed deleting it so i dont have to even look at it etc.

    Are there any addons for windows mail that any1 has come across that might solve or dilute this spam/junk problem for me.

    Alternative option for pop email would also be considered!



    update: hmm, 29 views and still no techies out there? whats happened to all the gurus on SP?


    update/solution: ive changed to Thunderbird now, and installed some Addon filters just incase someone else has this problem - 45 views and no light bulb moments for anyone! this is amazing - anyway i guess this is a redundant thread, any Mod consider deleting it?
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