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    Small Web Design "Company"

    I'm planning on starting a VERY small web design company with a friend, just something to do once in a while for fun and for some money. We plan on using mainly personal contacts, but putting up a website anyways as a place to reach us and just in case people want to refer others. My question here is regarding the degree of legal work I should do - what's necessary?

    a) Registration as a business - most of the work will be for friends or friends of friends, with cash or paypal as a very probable payment method. The money we earn will probably put us into the taxable range, if only by a small amount.

    b) Terms of agreement - do I need one for using the site? This seems like overkill to me, but I thought I'd ask anyways.

    c) Privacy policy - this seems like it could be a simple paragraph reassuring that we won't give away personal information.

    d) Contract with client - this looks to be the most important part, but I'm not sure if it's the road I want to go down for the clients I'm looking for.

    Using legal documents might force the other party to hire a lawyer, costing even more money. (Chances are I'll need to hire a lawyer to write a contract as well - or is there any chance I can use a template of some sort? I was looking at, but I'm not sure I'll know all the legal technicalities.) Furthermore, I'm simply confused as to who should be presenting the contract - on one hand, the client is hiring me, and it seems he/she needs to write the contract. On the other hand, I'd also be interesting in stating my own specifications in a contract.

    In general, I'm looking for some advice here regarding my situation. We're just a two-person team, admittedly unexperienced, looking to get some money doing what we love to do. We'd like to avoid legal hassle where possible, and the clients we deal with won't be complete strangers. I am, though, worried about any government grumblings or an awkward situation where the client hopes I'll maintain his/her site for free.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Firstly I am not a lawyer, but I have no problem with using a template or an existing websites terms of service agreement, with a little practice its very easy to adapt the agreement to your needs by just altering the wording or adapting it, this will immediately remove the high cost of drafting the document though you will probably want to get all contracts checked over by a laywer just to ensure there are no loopholes or any serious faults in it.


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