JTAG Ticketing Helpdesk Commerce System is a help desk ticketing system which will help you to setup internet based ticketing system on your Joomla site. The JTAG Ticketing Commerce System is developed based on the JTAG Helpdesk Ticketing Pro component with added functionalities.

Ticket Management
* Submit a tickets from WEB frontend
* Modify, closed and re-open tickets
* Create ticket categories. For example, you can have tickets category for sales, tech support etc.
* Create ticket by sending email to a predefined email address
* Work with tickets using desktop or webmail systems such as Outlook or Gmail without logging on to your Joomla site.
* Use Cron to schedule email processing
* Assign tickets to a single user or to many users.
* Attach images, docs and other files to ticket
* Search through tickets
* Extended search through tickets
* Dashboard for system manager
* Create Knowledge base articles from tickets
* Sell tickets through VirtueMart
* Email notification when a ticket has been processed
Knowledge Base
Core System
Configuration Manager
Organization Manager
User Manager
Permission Manager
Category Manager
Frontend Manager