I currently run www.gamegurus.net. We're expanding the site into a network of websites. GameGurus will be our network "center" while other sites such as ffgurus.net and tesgurus.net (and perhaps rtsgurus.net in the near future) and any other website that wishes to come into our network.

We were going to go with one host which he was going to give ads on our sites. $3-$4 per 1,000 impressions. But, we have taken our network into another direction and will be out on our own server. I'm currently looking for an ad company that would suit this type of network. What kinds of rates (per impression) are we talking here? What is the best ad company to go with?

Hits are not a problem. Gamegurus.net (the main site) is currently viewed by more than 120,000 per month while the rest of the hosted sites get the total viewership of up to over 200,000.

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