I've been using PHP/MySQL via the XAMP/MAMP packages on both Windows and Mac, and I'm interested in learning Django as I've heard its meant to make web development far faster.

Whilst there are frameworks for PHP, such as Cake, Zend, CodeIgniter and so forth, I am interested in finding out more about Django, perhaps even playing around with it on a Mac/PC.

However I am a bit put off because I don't know how to approach Django from a XAMP/MAMP point of view.

Anyway, here are some questions:

1. Can I run Django via XAMP, ie: is it a package so it runs with Apache without me reconfiguring everything? This is the one thing that put me off Ruby/Rails.

2. Can I run Django just like a PHP/XAMP project, or does it require its own server? I'd rather just use Apache as that's what's used on servers and I don't really want to be playing around with other servers.

3. Does Django work with Apache, and does it cause conflicts with PHP?

4. How does Django deal with XSS, Cross Site Forging, and sanitizing GET, POST, SESSION, COOKIE and other incoming data? How does it handle/deal with SQL Injections? Does it do it automatically? Can someone clarify the security measures put in by Django?

5. PHP sometimes comes with extensions, like ffmpeg, or other extensions that you can load in, is Django similar to this?

6. Does Django use stored procedures with regards to MySQL?

7. How easy is it to debug Debug code? Could I use Eclipse editor, or another editor to view debug info?

8. Is Django used on E-commerce websites? I've seen a lot of blog websites, and basic CMS but not many e-commerce sites.

9. SSL and Django. How does Django work/deal with SSL?

10. Is Django worth it?