I have successfully configured a form (formmail) on mjmformfixcom to an email address at this domain but when i change the email address to go to a bt email address and click submit it shows a pop up box stating "file download" and it asks if i want to save the file or find a program online to save it" It is referring to form cgi.

I haven't changed anything other than the email address on the form. Can anyone help.

The form that works is at mjmformfixcom/pricinghtml (this has email on form the domain mjmformfixcom)
The form that isn't working is at mjmformfixcom/formhtml (this has email on form to a btconnect email)

I have contacted 123-reg who are hosting it and they say it is not their problem but can't see why it should work for one email and not another. I have put both emails in the form cgi document.

As i don't have 10 posts i am unable to put the web address so please excuse above addresses without dots.

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