We run a rather sizable Amazon affiliate. We were pulling in around $800 a week for awhile but lately that's slipped to between $300-$400. I'm really at a loss to explain the slippage but I do have a few ideas.

What I'll do with this thread is post a few things that I thinked helped us. What I'm looking for is other responses about how to make money with this.

1. Send out a weekly newsletter with a reviewed book in it.

2. Review the books at Amazon that you feature on your site. This gives you valuable exposure to the book buying community.

3. Change books frequently to reflect new books that visitors haven't purchased (if anything here's where we haven't done enough work).

4. Check the bestseller lists at Amazon, Barnes and Noble frequently. See if there might be hot books in your area that you haven't featured.

Those are some of the things we do. Can anybody think of more?