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    Question about Development and Production Env


    I am new to ROR and get to deal with it rarely. I have built a couple of simple webpages with ror and I hosted the applications on It appears, though, that the hosted applications are running in Dev Env with no caching and all that good stuff. I need my apps to be deployed to Production Env and my question is, do I do that on my end, or do I contact the host and have them do it?

    I have both my dev and prod DBs set up and the dev db is being used. Seems to me that there is a switch somewhere someone has to flip.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Development mode is default (eg, when you run script/server) but the hosting environment should set the RAILS_ENV to production for you. For example, in my Apache virtual host config file I have the line RailsEnv production. I'd ask Bluehosts.

    A hacky way is to add ENV['RAILS_ENV'] = "production" to config/environment.rb on your deployed app.



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