Hello All,

I have wriiten a PHP script using FFMPEG which helps me to converting FLV file from any movie file at the time of uploading.
But it is working only for less than 1 MB uploaded movie file.
If it is greater than 1 MB (e.g 3 mb or 4 MB).It doesnít work.

Then I asked to support staff of the hosting site.
Hello Support Staff,
I can now converting FLV file at the time of uploading any video file.
Also I can create thumbnail from FLV file using FFMPEG.
No problem at all.
But when I am trying greater than 1 MB video file .Now I donít convert flv as well as Thumbnail.

But when I am uploading lesser than 1 MB.There is no problem at all.
I have talked with prince and he suggested to me that my FFMEPG path is wrong.

My php scripts path was 

$ffmpegPath = "/usr/bin/ffmpeg";
$flvtool2Path = "/usr/bin/flvtool2";

and it is working for small video file but according to Prince I changed it to 

$ffmpegPath = "/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg";
$flvtool2Path = "/usr/local/bin/flvtool2";

Can You check it that Why it is not working at the time of Large file uploading FLV converting as well as thumbnail creation?
they replied me

What are you using to do the video conversions? Plus, if you are doing large videos, it need to be forked into the background to process the video without depending on the web access to have it done.

I understand that, but to process large videos, it need to fork into background to process independently of the web server process to process the video to have it converted, using env -i for it.

Okay..it seems there some little misunderstanding. When forking the process, we generally means forking the php process that execute the ffmpeg and mencoder, and it is done by using env -i call. Refer to https://support.apthost.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=732 which you can see how we modify the other scripts to have it working properly for it.
Can anybody please help me??