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    Question Rounded Edges vs Square Edges

    I'm interested to find out what website design aspects customers prefer; do they like rounded edges or straight edges on website design layouts?

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    It's not quite that simple. Client design preferences are subjective and can change depending on the application or circumstance. Some better questions might be: how do rounded or square elements fit into the client's broader style; how can the site design graphics complement the company's logo; what is the product or service and is it cutting-edge or retro; who is the target audience?

    Asking the client to supply the URLs to Web sites that they like can be a good way to start. Have them tell you what they like about those sites so you can better determine their individual style prefs; or you could show them examples and ask which ones they like best and why. I read on a blog somewhere that a designer even asks their clients questions like "if your site was a car, what make would it be".

    It's nice to be current but design elements, IMO, should not be used just because they are the trend, but rather to further the project's entire concept.

    Good luck!

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