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    Document structure - content before header?

    We've all heard about how it's better for accessibility and SEO to serve content before sidebars, because it's more relevant it should be higher in HTML structure and loaded faster.

    There are also discussions that headings should only be used to outline content, and not to use them in sidebars and header, to use img tag for site's logo without wrapping it in heading tag, because header is also more or less helper part of the site...

    If this stands does it mean that content can/should be served before header? But display it like it's first? Is it totally wrong to find logo and navigation below content?

    Can you please share your perspective on this
    If you can make a priority list or guidelines to clarify what approach should be used when laying out a page structurally and visually

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    This subject was already discussed at great length on a previous thread (I cannot remember which one so perhaps someone can link to it) however the general consensus was that the order for accessibility should be...

    Logo - Explaining where the visitor is so that they know
    Tagline / Intro / Abstract - That little block of text people use to explain the purpose of the page or to outline the website.
    Skip links - Have a skip to navigation which accessibility browsers can use if they read the tagline and find the page contents will not suit them
    Content - the main thing people want to read (before navigation as people don't want to cycle through menus every page load).
    Navigation - this goes at the end because after people finish reading they want to hear where they can go next.


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