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    Starting out in AJAX

    Dear all,

    It seems that everybody seems to be doing it but me. I have been left behind in this ever changing web world.

    I don't really know JavaScript, so knowing AJAX will be a long way away. As far as I know AJAX is short for Asynchronous JavaScript, but how it works is beyond me. I have a good friend of mine who uses it but whenever I think something is AJAX he tells me it's just JavaScript.

    Can anybody give a breakdown of what AJAX is and how it works, and what people use it for?

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    AJAX uses Javascript and some other language usually php or aspx to perform in page functions including communicating with data from mysql, and xml.

    The magic is all because of the "XMLHttpRequest"

    Thats all you really need to know.
    Start learning here

    I also own and suggest this book

    You can the source code from that page as well and start with those demos.


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