I am looking for interested php developers as well as graphics and css gurus to join my open source CMS project. It's somewhat unusual CMS because it uses XSLT as templating engine and transformation is done primarily at the browser. There are many more features that are 'almost done', meaning I have written things like nntp server and webdav upload module and 'post by email' and using OpenOffice as a document parser in the past, I just have to incorporate them into this project.

It's just getting too big for me to do alone, so I am looking for good developers. You can just use the 'comment's feature to comment on existing posts as a way to discuss topics. I will write a forum module for this CMS then we can all use a forum to collaborate.

Here is the link, the site itself runs on this CMS

You will find a url to download source from svn

my blog (has some "test" posts that have little or no value)