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    Idea for a new kind of web company...

    I need your input! Please, I know this looks lengthy but if you have a free 5-7 minutes, I would be very appreciative!

    I have been a software developer for about 7 years now mainly working with middle tier web applications in PHP and now moving over to ASP dot NET. I have recently become frustrated by the increasing volume of work my employer is expecting of me; my job has evolved into the role of R&D, IT guy, project manager, database administrator, front end developer, backend developer and web designer (all without a pay increase).

    I’ve become my companies “jack of all (web) trades”

    So, I asked my boss to hire more people to help take some of my day-to-day tasks. In short, we ended up going through about 5 guys in a matter of weeks – 3 semi-questionable guys from oDesk and 2 personal “friends” of my boss who I knew had no real skills (weekend coding warriors).

    The Pitch

    Create a website/service that is based around a community of well-qualified professionals that work only within their strongest skill set. The process of selecting professionals will be rigorous and requires a solid track record of quality work. The community will vote on which prospects to bring onto the team, which ones will become project managers, team leaders, etc.

    This will not be some lame directory for web professionals or a freelance job posting site! It will be a fully functional “company” made up of professionals who self-regulate and communicate how to effectively (and profitably) run the site.

    This will NOT require a full-time investment from members. If we can get a strong group of professionals, we can give projects/tasks to those that are available. Members will be able to select tasks that have a dollar value assigned to them. Once selected, they will have a certain amount of time to complete the task or the task is re-assigned to another member. When completed (and approved by the project manager) the money for the task is deposited into the member account.


    $50 - Create a basic logo and 3 banners.
    $25 - Add a standards-compliant dropdown navigation menu using jQuery.

    $35 - Add ability for members to vote on a specific product
    $30 - Add ability for members to comment on a specific product.

    $50 - Design GUI for comment and rating system
    $50 - Research and develop SEO strategy (keywords, etc)
    $75 - Translate strings to SPANISH
    $75 - Translate strings to FRENCH

    $20 - Test site in browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, FF, Chrome, etc)

    The concept is this; whether you have a few hours free or need work for 2 weeks you can work at your own pace. Pick the tasks you want on the projects you want. No long-term contract is required and all interaction with the client is left for the project manager.
    Imagine a project with 100 tasks, to which we have a pool of 25 good developers. How fast do you think we accomplish completing a site of each of those 25 members work at the same time?


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    The complexity of managing all those loose relationships between workers will overtake the actual time spent on a project's tasks. Unfortunately I see a shop like that producing a lot of work that ends up being less than the sum of its parts unless you have amazing project managers.


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