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    y can't i subscribe by email?

    i want to subscribe to an rss but everytime it just show me the stupoid live bookmarks ****. the site is tmz dot com and everytime the icon on the address bar is clicked it doesnt give the option to enter an email address, why?!!!???

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    Because usually it's the browser that subscribes to the RSS feed, not an email client.

    Why? Because, when you subscribe to an RSS feed, the RSS feed is none the wiser. When it updates, it doesn't have a list of people to tell; Rather, when something (e.g. your browser) checks it and it has been updated, it picks up on that and decides to alert you. The fact that you have subscribed tells your browser to check it regularly.

    There may be online services that alert you by email when a feed updates, but your email client won't do that automatically.

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