I've been using xampp for a while because it's easy to set up and configure, and I find myself switching operating systems a lot. (Been on Win7 for a month, and will be going to the 64 bit version soon.)
PHP 5.3 has been out for 11 days now, and xampp hasn't been upgraded, so I decided to do it myself. When I installed it and ran phpinfo(), it told me the version number was 5.2.8

Naturally, I assume something has gone wrong with this pre-configured server.
After downloading Apache 2.2, a several different copies of PHP 5.3 and doing the configurations manually, it's still telling me I have PHP 5.2.8.

After trying both namespace and goto, and failing repeatedly on both, using the thread safe v9 installer and zip, and the v6 thread safe zip, I can safely say I am NOT running PHP 5.3. Is anyone else having this problem?

Am I really going to have to install an application development environment so I can compile my own PHP Binaries for this? (Or, far more likely, abandon the desire for 5.3 and just get 5.2.10)