Hello everyone,

I need some help creating a custom client section which will be accessed via username/password. I haven't played around with logins and client areas as of yet and I have no idea where to start and was hoping to find some help as to where I might want to start. I posted this in PHP, but if a different language might be easier or more appropriate, please let me know. Below I've given more details on what I am looking for. I am also using dreamweaver cs4.

When I get started designing a website for a client, I would like to provide them with a custom username and password (All account will be created by me, so there won't be any registration process for my clients). Once logged in, I would like my clients to have access to the following options:
-The capability to view the progress of their website, logo, etc... with the ability to post comments about it (These comments would then be e-mailed to me).
-View a list of their invoices, payments made, balance owing with a link to make a payment (probably through paypal with them selecting the amount themselves and adding a comment if they'd like).
-Have an upload section where they could upload either files and/or pictures required in the development of their projects.
-Have a referral section, where they might send our website to others or provide us with prospective clients.
-Have a section where the client can report a problem with their website or services.
-A scheduled appointments area where they can see any pre-scheduled appointments we have together along with a short description of what each meeting is pertaining to.

I would also like to customize this section to match my main website.

That is all the functions I can think of that I would like to have, I am open to any suggestions as to other options that I could offer that my clients might benefit from.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you!