I am a Java developer who is thinking about learning PHP since finding affordable reliable Java hosting is very difficult.

I have been researching what it takes to setup a developer’s local machine and here is what I have found. I was hoping someone would be willing to validate the steps I am taking to avoid potential issues.

First – download PHP


Second – setup server

What I have read is that I can use IIS or Apache. I have a Windows machine running XP so I assume IIS would be the easiest for me. Is this true? One thing I like about Java is that I have Eclipse setup as a Dynamic Web Project with Tomcat so when I hit save, Eclipse compiles and publishes my code for me. I realize PHP is not compiled, but is there a server that works well with Eclipse for PHP so I can setup my local environment in a similar manner?

I also saw a Zend server… is this a good option?


Third – Setup PDT in Eclipse of PHP


Four – Install MySQL


After I complete these steps, should my environment be setup and ready for PHP development?

Any feedback would be appreciated.