Hey guys,
Firstly, as you can see I'm new here so Hello to everyone! and please bare with me as I'm sorta new to the whole web development scene (bar a bit of HTML/CSS here and there) so i don't really know what's common practice and whats not. So if i sound like I'm talking madness please let me know.

I'm currently developing a website for an animal breeder friend of mine in order for him to display and (hopefully) sell some of his animals.
I've recently taught myself PHP in order to do this and as my friend isn't, shall we say, technically minded i was hoping that it would be possible for me to create a series of administrator pages using PHP that would allow him to edit the content and create new pages without him having to have a heart attack at the sight of any code.
As far as i can see it's completely possible for me to do this (please let me know if I'm wrong!) and i believe i have a good idea how to do so. However my question is how would i go about having him log into/gain access to these administrator pages? Would i have to have a log in link on the website? or would the domain/host provide me with an alternative method of access?

Thank you in advance for any help and i apologize if this thread is in the wrong board!