I've been working on this/posting about this for a few weeks now, and have managed to cobble together a way to display simple events from a client's (Mac) iCal.

I'm using phpicalendar and rss2html in order to display a live feed listing of a month's events.

What I can't figure out is how to change the display view from one month to two months...

I'm guessing this is a relatively simple php matter, but I'm only able to fake my way around php (it's a miracle I've gotten it this far, actually!).

The test page is here: www.witchyweb.com/test/reich/calendar.html

The mostly likely suspect for an edit fix is this:
$parse_month = date (
"Ym", strtotime($getdate));
$fromdate = (
'today') ;
$todate = ($parse_month *
100) + date("t",strtotime($getdate));
$theview = date(
'M Y',strtotime($fromdate));

Any insights? Thanks