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    google earth plugin


    After testing my kml file on my website, I was shocked to see it not
    work on other browsers and other machines.

    I tired to figure out why my map is 2d instead of 3d!

    Is it simply because the user needs google earth installed on their

    Anyway around this?

    Am pretty sure that I haven't created my kml right this is supported by that fact that my placemarks do not appear on it.

    I am confused with google's guide to create kml files.

    I have designed the webpage around a 3d model and it looks silly with
    a 2d model.


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    That's the problem with plugins. Users need to download it and very few will do it just for your site except if they are fans.
    If tomorrow Google put their Earth plugin right on their homepage and give users a compelling reason to install it (like adding 3D features to google search) then the plugin will become mainstream in a few months.

    I have met the problem before and it was even bigger issue because internet access was mostly slow speed at that time. And I was developping application in Macromedia (now Adobe) Director which needed a 3MB plugin to be installed, when Flash plugin was about 6 times less and was spreading fast.

    Consequence: Director is nearly dead for years when it was a more powerful developping platform for multimedia, it could even embed flash and native 3D.
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