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Thread: RTF To Html

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    RTF To Html

    We have an RTF file saved in the database. If we pull the data and write it as a file, without any further
    processing/formatting, it should be possible to open the file in an RTF reader application, say, Wordpad.
    In other words, we are storing the RTF file as 'raw' data.

    Our plan is to bring this onto the www browser, like firefox or IE (to allow editing)and put the contents
    in a 'Rich Text Area' that the end user can edit the contents, without loosing the formatting. So far, we
    have not seen any online RTF editor, or a plug-in that is closely integrated with a browser, like Acrobat
    Reader in the case of PDF files.

    One solution is to use a Rich Text (WYSIWYG) editor that can integrate with php. In this case we need
    to convert the RTF on the fly to HTML and import the formatted contents to a WYSIWYG Rich Text editor.

    Ideally we are looking for a php class do this.

    After editing, the formatted (ie, bold, italic, etc. etc) content needs to be ideally converted back to RTF when
    the end user "Saves" it, and be stored in the database. We need the saved the document in RTF ideally,
    but we can live with HTML too.

    The difficulty is that we are getting the data initially from an external source in RTF format and we
    are trying to provide an online editing feature. The RTF file can contain header/footer/images in addition
    to styled text.

    Give any Suggestion?

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    In a couple of minutes I've found some RTF to HTML converters through google.

    This -commercial- one looks good on the demo page:

    This one is free, but I've not tested how good it works:

    I guess there is more converters out there to explore.
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