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    Wordpress stops creating pages and all pages/posts disappear

    I'm using Wordpress 2.8. I'm doing a mass import of about 1800 pages. They're tiered in 3 - two parent pages, several hundred pages to each parent page and then several pages to each of the secondary pages.

    First, I was having an issue importing Wordpress' import file...I kept getting errors that MOST pages already existed (it was an empty database). So after posting my issue in the Wordpress forums and receiving no responses, I decided to do it myself. I wrote function to pull the data from my other database and insert into Wordpress using Wordpress' functions (wp_insert_post and add_post_meta). Everything went great till I got around 700 or so and then it stopped. 728, to be exact. The funny thing is if I delete the last set of pages that were entered (to assure I get the parent id's correct), I can run the script again and it'll execute the exact same number of inputs (9) before stopping again. In addition, if I try to pull up the pages thorugh the Admin I'm told by Wordpress there are NO pages...though I see them in the DB. However, if I delete the last entry, Wordpress Admin shows ALL the pages. Yet, if I try to execute my script from that point it enters one more entry and then stops. Back to square one - nothing in Admin.

    I figured this may be a database issue such as exceeding the id datatype or something...but that's set as a bigint...20 characters. i'm not even close (~1250).

    This issue has become extremely frustrating. My original site was in CakePHP and my issues were my own. I wanted to move to Wordpress to focus more on adding features as opposed to having to cnostantly update the app. But, this is just absolutely ridiculous.

    I'm seriously hoping someone can help me out with this.


    edit: Let me also clarify I've examined then differences between the record that stops the pages (the last record) from showing up and the record prior (that shows up if last record is deleted) and there are no differences other than date/time fields. Wordpress is acting as if I've reached my maximum limit of pages to be created (728 I seriously doubt is "max").

    edit: Entering them directly into database and even the Wordpress backend does not work either. It seems like Wordpress has a limit of 728 pages and I just cannot enter anymore. They go into the database. I get no error messages from Wordpress (it says the page was saved). But when I click to view the page I get a 404 error. When I go to edit pages I'm told I have none. This is freaking ridiculous.

    last edit: converted the last record to a post and everything was working. Was able to add new posts and what-not. Still, however, cannot add new pages. When I converted the post back to a page everything starting jacking up again. This is something on the Wordpress programming side causing these issues and unless someone can point me in the right direction I'm done with this ****. This is not a database issue. This is not a file rights issue. This is Wordpress plain and simple. I wasted 5 days trying to fix this and have noticed while several have had similar issues since '05 there have been no clear cut resolutions and it's absoutely ****ing pathetic. I'd be much better off just continuing using CakePHP. I wanted the convenience of a CMS but this ******** just isn't worth it.
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