I am starting a community web site for the surrounding areas of my hometown. It offers web design, chat rooms, message boards, e-cards, free email and free “basic” web pages for all med-small business. I’m using Home Free for the main community engine, Alias mail for the email, Host Pro as my provider and so on. My question is…I would like to give the community businesses the ability to ecommerce there sites for additional fees, but how should I do this. I’m aware of merchant accounts and providers and so on, but can I provide my own shopping cart software (Cyber Cart Pro) per paying site, have it click some how thru me, then to a secure online credit card company or do I (or the client) need to have a separate account per business. Does the client have to set this part up on there own for additional fees or what? I’d like to be able to charge 25 cents per transaction and make a little off of banner sponsors and affiliates as well (I ‘ve got a good grasp on that part). If anyone knows of a not to costly way to achieve this (electronic mall, where I run the show!) or a better way, please let me know. I getting the internet surfin’ blues. Thanks