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Thread: Business Plan

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    Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes...

    I am working on putting together a business plan to start a web design/consulting business. I have a pretty decent working outline. I wanted to know if anyone here has put one together; a) what comments would you make about it and b) what resources would you reccomend in the research phase?


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    ah...the business plan.

    here goes...

    there has been a reformation of e-businesses and their objectives within the past month. Look at the nasdaq and you'll see what I mean. The original internet business models (we'll call e-business 1.0) helped mamoths like AOL and get online fast and furiously. They didn't care for profits, they saw a window of opportunity and went after it hand and foot.

    well...e-business 1.0 is officially over! just a few weeks ago a well respected e-business consultant asked me for my b-plan (still in the works, but almost finished) and he said that it could be 5-15 pages long for an internet startup company. (usually 40-150pgs)

    that doesn't go well anymore. You have to do extensive researching...and not only get info on: marketing strategy, competitive analysis, market analysis, etc. You have to have a solid and realistic financial plan that will make your company profitable.

    that's what seperates internet companies today...profitable or not. Take all of the e-commerce retailers that are pulling out this year! There will be a huge consolidation of these companies come this fall...only larger companies (sears, gap, etc.) will last's all because of a lack of profits.

    in fact, amidst all of this bad wrap that e-commerce companies are receiving just got $40million in VC investing! that's because they have a huge profit margin on their products and they promise a realistic profit soon!!!


    need more help?

    - sam


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