Hi all

I have managed to pull some items from a database and create links on that page. The user can select a product link then when they click on a link they are show the product on the next page. On that page I have an email form. I would like to embed the product name into the message of the email or have it as a hidden field but still embedded into the message body of the email so it displays in the message when the recipent sees it. How can I put the below variable which displays the product name into the message body along with any message the user rights into the textarea?


The only parameters you can have are

mail (to, subject, body, headers)

$message = $_REQUEST['message'] ;

the above requests the message the user writes in the text area but I am not sure how to embed $row['ProductName'] into this?

Hope this makes sense. Still a novice to php so any help would be great thanks