Hi Guru's,
I was using this program to send email from a Solaris server. It stopped working suddenly. i do not know whats wrong. Since we do not have a unix admin curently I have to take care of this. Could you please let me know what could possibly be going wrong. Also where can I find the error log and the sent email log in the server?
This is the code I use:
my $to= 'Me@gmail.com';

my $from =$email;
my $message = $question;
my $subject ="Email Test Application";
my $sendmail = "/usr/lib/sendmail";

open (SENDMAIL, "| $sendmail $to") or die "Can't open $sendmailpath: $!";
From: "$name" <$from>
To: $to <$to>
Return-Path: "$name" <$from>
Reply-To: "$name" <$from>
Subject: $subject





# print "Location: $thankyou_page\n\n";
print "<meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\" content=\"0;URL=$thankyou_page\" />"; exit;