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    I need some advice or recommendations in going about setting up an ecommerce site.

    My friend currently has a website at but as it stands now it
    is nothing more than a static brochure.

    And thus has approached me with the task of coming up with any viable solutions for a more dynamic ecommerce site that deals with online transactions, carting, database, etc.

    I have previously held no experience in dealing with building ecommerce sites, but I also cannot ignore a friend's request.

    Which is why I have come here to ask for some much-needed advice in this area.

    As far as hosting goes, can anyone recommend a good csp/hosting provider in the San Francisco bay area that would be well suited for ecommerce tasks?

    I've looked at Yahoo's store, virtual spin internet store, webbusiness builder, and a few others but they all seem to restrict the interfaces to limited sets of themes & templates, as well as limited amount of products to sell.

    As my friend's business is an import/export store that heavily deals with music/electronics/and various goods from japan, any limitation on the amount of products would be undesirable.

    Are there any viable solutions if the goal was to simply add ecommerce features to the current site, but keep the look & feel/design layout as it is (

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    the least expensive would be
    a more expensive, but much better piece of software would be was used for

    - sam


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