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    Any reviews for my new twitter application?

    Before anything said, I want to tell moderators that I did read the community guidelines and I feel this isn't a violation. It isn't promoting a business, and I would just prefer input on my new Twitter app. If you feel it is not appropriate here, feel free to delete it. I will then automatically know that I shouldn't post further topics of relevance.

    - linking to a site under development for which you are requesting input (design, technical, usability or a site review)
    It's called and located at <snip></snip> and I would like some feedback on the site design, and overall usability. I'm not going to use descriptive dialog, and you can tell me what the site does (that obviously shows that you know what the app does, thus, being easy to navigate/read around!).

    Reviews as replies. Thanks.
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    Good that you read the guidelines

    Yet, I must inform you that we have a forum dedicated to this kind of requests: Website reviews

    This forum has its own guidelines in addition to SitePoint's. You can post and ask for your site to be reviewed if you review other 3 sites (a "That looks nice" comment is not considered a review).

    You should post it there

    Thread closed.


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