So, sometimes when I'm bored I read the php manual, and try not to just skim the pages. Tonight was one such instance, and I found something that I think it quite cool, but upon browsing the internet for other opinions, found that some don't exactly feel the same way.

What I found was the goto operator page, located at . Upon reading about this operator, new to php 5.3, I instantly thought of ways that this operator was going to clean up certain parts of my code.

I was actually surprised that the majority of other people think that this goto operator is bad, and will create spaghetti code.

This isn't just about the goto operator. As titled, this thread is about reading the manual. I spend a lot of time participating in php related forums, and I can tell that a huge percentage of people have never read a page of the manual. They don't have a clue, and in many cases are just trying to get people to write code for them. I'll be the first to admit that I am no php guru, but at least I try to learn. I do get a lot of help here, and in other forums, and I do appreciate it very much, but for those who haven't read the manual, please know, it is THE MANUAL, and it's not hard to read.

What have you found in the manual lately?