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    Can't wrap my head around SVN branches

    Alright, so here's the situation:

    A site is under version control. We'll be doing some pretty major changes so I want to work off a branch for that - easy enough to create. Multiple people would work off this same branch - that's "ok", right?

    My problem is what about once this branch has been created and a bug pops up that needs to be fixed. My assumption is to check out the trunk, make the change, and commit that change to the trunk. The problem I see is that now this fix doesn't exist in the branch, so won't we run into a problem later on when we try to apply the massive amount of changes from the branch into the trunk? We'd be undoing some previously fixed/other committed items...?

    Hope that was follow-able and someone can clarify - Need answers? Ask it online.
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    2 ways to handle this: patching and merging.

    Patching is a great option if it is a pretty limited fix to a few files. Main deal killer is patches don't understaind folders as I understand things.

    Merging is handy if it is a bit more involved and involves multiple files in multiple folders. Just merge the revision into the branch to pick up the updated bits.


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