I just bought Simply Rails 2.0 by Patrick Lenz and I'm following along.

Everything is going fine until it's time to create a layout and style sheet.

On page 169, it says:

Layouts should be stored in the app/views/layouts folder. A layout template can basically be given any name, as long as the file ends in .html.erb. If the filename is application.html.erb, Rails will adopt this as the default layout.
So, I did like the book said, and created an application.html.erb file and saved it in the app/views/layouts folder. I actually just copied and pasted from the code archive. As far as I can tell the version in the book and code archive are the same.

On page 170, it says:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'style' %>
This code generates the HTML that includes an external style sheet in the page. By passing the string style, we ensure that the <link> tag that's generated will point to the URL /stylesheets/style.css.
I created a style sheet using the code in the code archive and placed it in the public/stylesheets folder.

When I reload the page /stories/new the page looks exactly the same as before (like page 164)

I took a look at the source code and the following stylesheet is referenced: "/stylesheets/scaffold.css?1245114256" . I deleted this stylesheet hoping this would make a difference. Didn't make a difference.

The layout template and style are not being recognized by the web server. I come to this conclusion because the "shovell" heading doesn't display.

My guess is the real problem is the layout template not being recognized. But I have no clue how to "fix" this problem.