I am trying to figure out the easiest solution for a client. Their site it already built (in HTML/CSS), but now they need to be able to "add content" to 2 pages within the site at their own discretion, rather than be dependent on the developer to do so.

Requirements for this:
Upload pdf's/word documents, have those documents be links and be able to add a description within the content area of the page about each link.
Also, there needs to be a browser-based "administation area" for them to login/logout in order to accomplish this site content adding/uploading/editing.

Does anyone know of a script/freeware program that can accomplish all of this? If there are extras included, not a biggie, but, as I said, this needs to be an entirely different login url for the client to get to and then have it automatically be saved into the html file where I have the content positioned at within the site's already existing template/css design.