On my sites I have a function to overcome rewriting issues on my server.
PHP Code:
    function setinclude(){
$levels substr_count($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'/');
$root '';
$i 1$i $levels$i++){$root .= '../';}   
I've been using .htaccess for over a year on it and haven't had too much of a problem until now. One file (and only when using a rewrite - standard php query works fine) it somehow pulling up a file on the root of the server. I don't know how or why it's doing this.

RewriteRule news\.html news.php?
RewriteRule news/archives-(.*)-(.*)\.html news.php?month=$1&year=$2
I've tried doing the rewrite in a number of ways and still it goes to the root of the server. Other files have similiar rewrites and I don't run into this problem. Even files on the same site do.

Anyone have any ideas?