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    Text Area Not recognizing Line-breaks

    Hi all,

    I have a little email blast form with a text area for personal messages, but when sent, it doesn't recognize the natural line-breaks... it shows up as one line.

    I've seen a function around, but it doesn't seem to work within my code.
    I'm not a .NET person in the least bit!
    How can i either integrate this into what i have, or how can i get the text area to recognize natural line-breaks?

    Here's what i found on the net:

    function AddHTMLBreaks(varString)
        varString = Replace(varString,vbCRLF,"<br>")
        varString = Replace(varString,vbLF,"<br>")
        varString = Replace(varString,vbCR,"<br>")
        AddHTMLBreaks= varString
    end function
    And here's what i'm working with:

    dim strAddr as String
    dim replyTo as String
    dim strSubject as String
    dim strName as String
    dim strMsg as String
    dim strFrom as String
    dim strEmails as String
    Sub Page_Load(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)
    	If Not Page.IsPostBack then
    		pnlForm.Visible = True
    	End If
    End Sub
    Sub btnSubmit_Click(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)
    	If Page.IsValid then
    	strAddr = Trim(Request.form("user_email"))
    	if strAddr <> "" then
    		replyTo = strAddr
    	end if
    	strEmails = Request.form("recieveing_emails")
    	strSubject = Request.form("user_subject")
    	strName = Request.form("user_name")
    	strFrom = Request.form("from_email")
    	strMsg = Request.form("question")
        Dim objEmail as New MailMessage()
    	    With objEmail
    		  .BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html
    	      .Bcc = strEmails
    	      .From = strFrom
    	      .Headers.Add("Reply-To", replyTo)
    	      .Subject = strSubject
    	      .Body = strMsg + "<br><br><div style='width:640px;'>HTML Content</div>"
    		End With
    	   SmtpMail.SmtpServer  = "" 
    	catch exc as Exception
    		lblErrMsg.Text = ("E-mail was not sent because of a server error: " + exc.ToString())
    	End Try
    	pnlForm.Visible = False
    	strMsg = replace(strMsg,vbNewline,"<br />")
        lblAck.Text=("<h2>Thank you. <br />Your email has been sent successfully.</h2>")
    End If
    End Sub
    Thanks a million!

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    Environment.NewLine should work:
    Replace(Environment.NewLine, "<br>");
    Also, you should HtmlEncode all the data that you get from the user.


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