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    Is Partial Domain Name Re-Delegation Possible?

    Just a warning: I'm super new to this stuff, so if I say something wrong please let me know!

    I've built a website for a "client" of mine (really just a friend). I'm hosting it at Bluehost. My friend purchased a domain name through iiNet around a year ago, and has his email hosted with them. There are a number of email boxes set up (small business).

    Is it possible to "partially re-delegate" (let me know if this isn't the correct wording) a domain name so that I update the name servers for the website, but not email. For example, if someone goes to the website, they will be taken to the site hosted on Bluehost. But if someone sends an email, it will be sent to the iiNet servers. This would be really helpful as it will save me from setting up the mail boxes on Bluehost and also save my client and his staff from updating their email settings (which scares me the most since I have no idea what email software they are using, and no idea about their computer ability).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I suppose that changing A-record for that domain name is what you need. Make sure that is allowed on the current domain name registrar. Good luck


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