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    installing word press plugins

    I have set up a website with wordpress.
    my domain control panel links to another website where i use wordpress 2.6 to manage my pages and post and change code.

    It says i can update to wordpress 2.7.1.
    I've tried this.

    It installs a folder on my desktop.
    it has three sections wp content, wp admin, and wp includes. Under these are a ton of php files as well as the folders being filled with these. (my computer does not seem to recognize these)

    What im trying to do is install the stats plugin. Now, I have set up a floristica theme page on the 2.6 website. This 2.7 folder seems to have absolutley no connection to my site, i have no folders anywhere for 2.6 where i could put the plug in. I never had to install anything, it just linked right to the 2.6 site.
    In the 2.7 folders it seems to only have the kubrick theme available, Anyways i really like being able to post from the site.

    Im not sure what im doing here exactly.

    also i see i will be asked for a api key, whats that?
    im confused as heck.

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    To install a plug in you need a ftp program (such as filezilla) you then add your servers ftp login info to this.

    Once logged in you need to browse into the wp-content folder then into the plugins folder, this is where you will upload the plugin file(s).

    Once that is uploaded you need to open your web browser and goto your site: and then using the menu on the left goto plugins and find the stats plug in and click the activate button.

    If this plug in requires an API key, this can be obtained by creating an account at I think they have an option now to create an account to just get the API key. Once you have this number return to your WP admin area and add it.

    As far as the issue you are having with the folder you downloaded to your desktop, your right they have nothing to do with your live site. This is a new version of the same files that are currently on your server. These also need to be uploaded to the server, though this is a bit complex compared to installing a plug in, so you may want to wait before you try that.

    More questions just ask.


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