My company is putting me to do all the web design for them because they can't pay a professional web-designer... I am an amateur web designer and know just enough to create a site out of CSS.

However, they are asking me to create a navigation bar that stays constant either at the bottom or the top of the web page so as you scroll it stays intact. Also, they want to be able to add/remove information on/off the navigation bar throughout the entire site across all pages through only one page. Lastly, make sure that the navigation bar can have drop-down menus.

So again the key-problems I have are the following:
1. Constant navigation bar that stays put whether you scroll up or down.
(example: is moma's site)
2. Navigation Bar that can be updated through CSS and not through each HTML page...
3. Drop-down menus

How do I go about solving these issues? Any hints or any sites or books that may be helpful to guide me through to make these people somewhat happy?

Thank you.