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    warning: <snip> are fraudsters

    Hello guys,

    I just want to warn everyone here about the guys operating ecommerce software site at <snip> - They are fraudsters and should avoid doing business with them at all costs.

    I got burned by these thiefs TWICE.

    They first ordered some ecover and banner work from us a while back, after everything was delivered, they filed a chargeback and they got their money back, and continue to use the graphics we produced.

    A few weeks ago, they ordered under a different name and email - I didn't realize it was them and processed the order as usual. They were happy with the designs and accepted all the artwork we produced. They are currently being used on their site <snip> - We then got chargeback for their orders again.

    It was quite obvious their intention was to file chargeback so they get free designs.

    So DO NOT trust these guys, even if they pay for your service, they WILL file a chargeback after they receive their products.

    The name is <snip> - email used: <snip> - website is <snip> - they are theifs. Stay clear incase they come on here looking for designers.
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    According to the forum rules, neither flaming nor disputes are allowed. Thread closed.
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