Hope this is not too long of a post...

I have been using an app on OSX called Scrivener for writing a novel (might take another 20 years for me to actually write though, lol), and also for writing lyrics (I am a musician). It is an OSX only app though. Plus, I move between systems/OS's. Additionally, I would love to have something able to be a bit more.. me! I did a quick mock-up in Photoshop, but am unable to post a link to the .png due to forum policy (less than 10 posts)

Basically, at the top, a main title bar with some menu items, static in content, covering full width of the "app" (app width=1000-1200px); javascript for the menus maybe? The rest of the content would appear below it.

The left side (column) would have folders with text documents; expandable/collapsable, click on a folder to see a descrip, notes, etc.; click on the text doc name (main Lyric doc) and it's "contents" is displayed in the various panes. Dynamic; will need to add folders and new text documents into the folders ("Lyric" docs). The left column and right column would each be the full height of the "app," and I am figuring approx. 180-200px each? I am not as concerned with the "novel writing" aspect(s) (yet!).

The center field will be split (about 700-800px wide); top half would be for lyric writing, and would require the usual suspects for text authoring: formatting, bold, italics, text colors, etc. This would be the largest field/pane (600px height, give or take). I would want to be able to have the formatted content in this field/pane printable as a single entity; PDF export would be pretty sweet as well.

Below that field would be a multi-purpose pane; notes, ASCii TAB, pic embedding (png, jpg, etc), etc. A menu bar above the main lyric area previously described would include menu items that would be dynamic; one menu for selecting various revisions of the Lyrics; a second menu for selecting from various "revisions" of notes in the Notes field below, etc. So, each menu category would be static, but the contents within each would be dynamic through user additions.

Finally, on the right, a column for embedding audio file/players, and user notes above or below each. Once again, ALL content is dependent upon the initial "Lyric document" selected in the left hand menu tree. The embedded audio/video file players would play back files uploaded to a separate directory on the web; would not need to be contained in the "Main App Database" or whatever.

I think I have touched on most of it. I would do an app, and figure a way to sync to a web server, but I want cross-platform ease, personal use, and the security of having it on my web server versus a USB drive, DVD-R, etc. I looked at various Wiki engines, and figure one could be adapted for this purpose. I also looked at pre-fab stuff like Drupal, e107, etc. But, the work I would need to do in any instance would likely be close enough to equal to starting from "scratch." Or am I wrong? Plus, authored for me specifically would eliminate quite a bit of bloat, no?

Bottom line... worst case scenario would be to have an app I could access via web browser (Firefox, IE, Safari), structured to my design, and allow me to interact singly/personally (ala a personal Wiki, tailored for multimedia + lyrics use) only. Best case? Would be able to work offline in at least some capacity, and then go online to sync any/all docs. Audio files would be mp3 type, and it would be nice to have a menu item to allow upload via the "web app" I write.

I know HTML, CSS, and a little bit of other coding tools. I am an amateur, but I have free time and learn very quickly. After all of that.. any suggestions for types to utilize? I figure PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript? I am hosted with a Linux Business plan with 1and1, and am comfortable setting up SQL, Apache, etc; I did create a subdomain for checking out MediaWiki to see if it might be a starting point rather than "from scratch." I also have a it running locally on my MacBook Pro for faster "user modification feedback." I have done my own sites/coding with HTML Kit, Smultron, Taco HTML, etc plus Photoshop for my graphics (mostly done completely from scratch). I prefer coding in a text editor (with line numbers!) vs a WYSIWYG/Dreamweaver type of thing.. Old school!!! (hahaha)

Am I totally overthinking this? Any help, suggestions, etc greatly appreciated! And if I am posting in the wrong place, I apologize. Searched for quite awhile before settling on this forum to even post, as I was unsure of how silly I may seem/be; but, if not, where I might have the best chance for some good quality help/suggestions.

Thank you so much!