I've exhausted Google over the issue and I've already checked out Notepad alternatives without the results I need.

I hand code in Notepad and it's where I'm most comfortable, as I'm getting more serious about the features of the websites I design, naturally I want to add language translation.

As of now I'm using images for the different language selection, but I would prefer to use live text links in each appropriate language so that it automatically adapts to different styles, I've seen it done and I've read in other forums that some people have no problem pasting multiple languages in Notepad.

Perhaps it's not Notepad at all, maybe I just need to add more languages to Windows itself. I've tried LangPad, but it doesn't cover any Asian characters which is most important to me.

If there is a solution to adapt Notepad itself, please let me know.. if you have another solution or preference please let me know them too.

Thank You