This is the scheduling task/ delete task

We have a class that creates a schedules, based on cron, or some other way, not 100% sure , but what

we need is a Form created, that will give a user the ability to schedule a .php file, (we can use any test .php file to run)

based on "Daily, Weekly, or One Time"

simple drop downs are fine...

it will then be stored in a table that you will need to create called


with the fields you will need to save the schedule, so the user can see the status of the job.

The table will need fields "Status" and the user will need to have the ability to "Pause" or

Delete" the task.

The most important thing is, if the user Deletes the task, that the task is actually removed, and it is not carried out.

It is not that complicated, because the whole class is written, with examples as well, and I have the class. (please PM to receive class)

Please quote, and estimate time, thank you very much for your time. looking to have this done today.

basic installation rewrite functionality needed

We need to create the file verifysniper.php via php, with the WRITE command, to write the file from scratch. If the file has to becreated innitially with dummy variables, thats fine...

We need, based on the form on /install.php to Write the file verifysniper.php, looking exactly the way it has now, except where the $DBUSER = , it will be the results from the form, to write that file, so we dont have to have them write the file via php, we are now creating it from the values from the form.

need these 2 done

if possible, if anyone can do it today it would be greatly appreciated. please let me know what else is needed.