I have a class that generates our RSS feed but it''s not parsing HTML in my reader whereas I've seen other feeds that do parse html. I've checked their code and am not seeing what I'm doing wrong. I was wondering if anyone could provide any assistance

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			<title><![CDATA[Mike Morhaime Confirms Battle.net 2.0 is Free]]></title> 
			<description><![CDATA[><p>With World of Warcraft being such a successful title and opening so many more doors for Blizzard with the major increase in revenue, a lot of gamers have been concerned whether Battle.net would become a subscription-based service or not.  At last year's Blizzcon Rob Pardo touched on this by stating that "We would never do something like say to get the full game experience, you'll have to pay extra".  But that wasn't much help considering World of Warcraft is subscription based. Now he has confirmed that a player who buys Starcraft 2 retail will not be paying any subscription fees for Bnet 2.0.</p> 
<div class='quote-left'><div class='quote-right'><div class='quote-content'><h5>Mike Morhaime<sup><a class='ref-link' href='#ref--1'>(1)</a></sup></h5>what I will say is that a player who goes to retail and buys the Starcraft 2 box at retail will have the full Starcraft 2 game included in the box and they will have the ability to play on battlenet with no additional fee.</div></div></div><div class='news-ref'><h4>Sources</h4><ol class='news-list-ref'><li><a name='ref--1'/><a href='http://www.gamer-source.com/image/6-4/mike5-31.wav' target='_blank'>Conference Call</a></li></ol><div class='clear'></div></div>]]></description> 
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