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    Need help with menu

    I have a menu which consists of a div containing a unordered list. In the css I have set it to display:none. When you click the header of the list a javascript should change the display value to block. I have made it work with a lot of id:s, functions and if-so statements.

    Now I want to get rid of all those extra id, functions and if_so statements and only use one function. But since I am a complete newbie I dont know how to do it.

    Heres in the menu I want to rebuild in a more rational way:

    I have tried with firstChild and nextSibling but I cannot get it work. Any tip is very welcome!!! Thanks!

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    You might find it helpful to view attributes of the node your working with. It would help you see gotchas like how the nextSibling is a text node, or it could be an html comment etc...

    You could use a loop.

    Code JavaScript:
    // onclick handler for those "header" links
    function showMenu() {
        var elem = this.nextSibling;
        while (elem !== null) {
            if (elem.nodeName === 'DIV') {
       = === 'none' ? 'block' : 'none';
            elem = elem.nextSibling;
    Notice how we skip any sibling that isn't a div, and that I test for the possibility that there might not be a nextSibling, although that wouldn't happen with your current html.


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