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Thread: Project Natal

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    Project Natal

    Anyone see this yet? It was revealed at E3.

    What are your thoughts? I don't think theres anyway it could possibly be as good as it looked in the video. For one the kid scans his skate board, his hand is covering an area of the surface, the whole board was scanned even where is hand was at.
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    Those were just examples of what they want Natal to be able to do. They weren't actual demos.

    They only real demo they showed of Natal was that stupid elephant painting and Milo. Neither of those demos were good at really showing what Natal could actually do. They just provided a limited glimpse into the future of the system.

    I've got plenty of thoughts as to why Natal will fail to meet even half of it's hype, but they go beyond what I feel I should make in my 2nd post on this forum.


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