Hi All,

I want to integrate amember pro (amember.com) with wordpress. I came to know about 2 plugins that can help me do the integration. These are: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-levels/ and wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hidepost/. I tested these plugins and what I got so far is that:

1. amember manages membership based on the levels defined by itself.
2. Post Levels plugin of wordpress manages posts based on the levels assigned to all the members by itself.
3. Hidepost uses wordpress member levels (contributor, author, editor etc.) to hide the parts of posts.

Now my problem is that even though a combination of these 3 might work with wordpress, but each uses its own levels management.

So, What is the best approach to do the integration?

Do I need to customize the plugins code to do the centralization?

Is there any better way to integrate the amember pro software with wordpress?

Any help is really appreciated.

Manish Aneja.