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Another question: I'm trying to get the minimum config use case worked out. That is:
PHP Code:
$mapper = new A_Orm_DataMapper('Post''posts'); 
This will allow you to interact with a Post object in which its properties map 1:1 to fields in the posts table. No more config needed than that, unless you want more

Can I assume a field named 'id' is the primary key for this table? Or would you guys prefer I did a DESCRIBE query every time the mapper was loaded?
If you uses the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, should be able to re-use the mapper infrastructure?

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I'm trying to assume as little as possible about these objects, but it's tough because I'm forced to check everywhere and see if mappings exist, otherwise handle the 1:1 scenario. I may end up extracting all of that code into a class that extends the main class, so the core stays light and the developer can choose whether to allow no-config mapping by which class they instantiate or extend.
I'd put it in separate class entirely.

PHP Code:
$mapperFactory = new MapperFactory(array(
'User' => function()  { return new UserMapper(); },
'Post' => function() use ($mapperBuilder) { return $mapperBuilder->buildMapper('post''Post'),