On page 161 of the SimplyRails2 book, when I add this line:

[def new
@story = Story.new

to the app/controllers/stories_controller.rb file, I get this error message in my browser:

[NameError in Stories#new
Showing app/views/stories/new.rhtml where line #4 raised:
`@#<Story:0x2449268>' is not allowed as an instance variable name
Extracted source (around line #4):
1: <% form_for @story do |f| %>
2: <p>
3: namebr />
4: <%= f.text_field :name %>
5: </p>
6: <p>
7: linkbr /> ]

If I don't add this line, I can see the form in the browser (but I assume it isn't set up to populate entries).

I feel like when I was screwing around with scaffolding, I screwed something up.

Any help would be appreciated!