I started playing around with Dreamweaver 4 when I was 12 years old. When I was 14, I started picking up HTML and CSS. Not only that - I can script in PHP, and when spending some time reading manuals, I am also able to work with MySQL. Obviously I don't have much problem working with Content Management Systems, forums, etc.

The problem is that I have never worked on any of large web sites. I am afraid to send my resume anywhere like that.

I would like to believe that it is possible for me to earn my living in this field. I even got a job paying $20/hour for someone through Craigslist, but it's only 3 hours per week. This is far from enough. This was on first try, but the advertisement seemed to hit me on the spot, so I am afraid I just got lucky. The employer is more than happy with me, I am being called a genius every time I go to work, but it will take far too long until I can show the results for other jobs.

I need some work pretty quick. Is it reasonable to expect to get employed with basically knowing only HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL? Plus I am into arts, I like illustrating and designing web sites.

I have a personal web site, there is information about my arts on ksiimson.se/about.html. Only the vector illustrations are recent, others I dug up from my old forum posts on various forums, because I am desperate to show something that I have done... Any hints, help, advice, anything?